Highway 401 Widening from East of McLaughlin Road to East of the Credit River

MTO Contract 2015-2018

Planned Work


During 2018, work on MTO Contract 2015-2018 will continue and will include the following:


  • Continued construction of the new collector lanes west of Mavis Road.


  • Continued construction of new structures at Fletcher's Creek.


  • Continued construction of the Second Line pedestrian structure.


Project Summary

This construction contract is for the widening of Highway 401 from east of McLaughlin Road to east of the Credit River (approximately 4 km). Highway 401 will be widened from its current six-lanes to a twelve-lane core/collector system, including ten general purpose lanes and two high-occupancy vehicle lanes

Project Time Frame

This project will commence in April 2016 and is expected to be completed by the summer of 2020