Highway 401 Widening from East of McLaughlin Road to East of the Credit River

MTO Contract 2015-2018

Project Summary

This construction contract is for the widening of Highway 401 from east of McLaughlin Road to east of the Credit River (approximately 4 km). Highway 401 will be widened from its current six-lanes to a twelve-lane core/collector system, including ten general purpose lanes and two high-occupancy vehicle lanes

Project Time Frame

This project commenced in April 2016 and is expected to be completed by the summer of 2020



Closure of all the accesses to Fletcher’s Flats / Scott's Brae Park

As a part of this contract, the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) will be cleaning out the two storm water management ponds in Fletcher’s Flats / Scott's Brae Park as shown below. Please be advised that the clean out work will be completed in Spring 2020. During this period, there will be limited access into the park and access near the two storm water ponds will be closed.


Kindly note that when the work is being carried out, it will involve heavy construction equipment and traffic, thus the area (details below) is to be closed for the safety of all parties.
































As shown in the above map, the following accesses are to be closed:

  1. Entrance to trail at 2nd Line West
  2. Entrance to trail at Scott's Brae Park (off Brass Winds Pl. & Kazoo Ct.)
  3. North of the footbridge at this location
  4. Entrance at Simpson Pioneer Trail
  5. Entrance at Craig Carrier Ct.



Ongoing Closures

Throughout the project, periodic off-peak lane closures on Highway 401 and interchange ramps will be required to facilitate construction operations.








Further information regarding closures associated with this project and other MTO projects in Peel can be found at:

Ontario 511 Traveller Information Services Traffic Report - Peel.